Talon Wolfsong

The half elf Captain of the Evestar


Talon’s Beginning

Talon was born in the city of RavenDale, well renown for their jewels and Minerals bringing in merchants of every type into the large seaport of Ravendale.

His mother, Rose Groven was human. She died at the tender age of 23 leaving behind her only child.
His father, Thelmar Wolfsong. From the mysterious clan of elves living in the mountains surrounding Ravendale. Left for the adventures of the sea days after Talon was born.

As a half elf in a human town Talon felt his differences keenly and the desire to escape the city and its wealthy inhabitants, whom scorn and jeer Talon at every turn. He seeks a place as a crew member of a passing merchants ship.

Talon’s Love

Finally out at sea Talon meets a women: The daughter of the ships merchant. With whom he falls in love. Her name was Evelyn Starbluff.
Their romance lasted the 4 years Talon spent on the merchants ship until Seban Starbluff caught them in the heated throes of passion.
Outraged he could no longer marry Evelyn off for profit he sold her as a slave in the town of Riddlemire.

Talon, Seban kept in the brig of his ship imprisoned, living out his days a shadow of a man. Starving, having lost his only love the seeds of evil began to sprout in Talons heart.

His Freedom

After another two years in captivity Talon’s wait was finally over. The ship had been attacked by pirates!
But not any pirates, the Elvin crew of The Wind Wisp!
Their proud female captain Maylin Farynore welcome Talon onto her ship, having known the cruelties of humans herself she took a special liking to Talon.

The Evestar

Two more years on the Wind Wisp and Talon had saved enough coin for a ship of his own. And with Maylin’s blessing and fervent recommendation, Talon put together his crew of pirate elves and set sail in search of his Star, Evelyn.

Talon Wolfsong

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